LinkedIn: Career Opportunities Story

I am sure most of you have now seen the story in the Telepgraph about the HR Executive being “forced out of his job” due to having left the “career opportunities” boxed ticked.  If you haven’t read it, here is a link.

I don’t buy it – there is clearly more to this story – but I am not sure what the agenda is of any of the parties.  My reasons are as follows:

1) Unless it has been changed, when you set up a LinkedIn profile, all of the contact options are open – you have to make a conscious decision to alter them.  Any idiot, let alone lawyer, could argue this strongly in a court of law.

2) His profession – Recruitment – surely he it would be expected that he would have a pretty solid LinkedIn profile?  Yes, if he knowingly disclosed confidential information, that would be a disciplinary matter, but surely a meeting and a request to take down the information would suffice?

3) Company Policy – I have quickly done a search on LinkedIn and have found the levels of information on current employees at the company to differ enormously – it simply does not ring true!

I will be watching this story with interest – I cannot help but feel it has precious little to do with LinkedIn, but, we will see.  I would be interested in anyone else’s thoughts?


One thought on “LinkedIn: Career Opportunities Story

  1. In all matters, but particularly in the case of employment news stories, the facts are often disregarded, as they get in the way of a more sensational article. What then happens, is that many other news outlets report the inaccurate story as fact, and the truth is lost forever Any subsequent reference to the truth is then treated as an inconvenience, and ignored.

    In reporting on employment issues, it is vital to use the correct and precise language. Commonly used reporting shorthand means that anyone parting company with their employer can be reported as a sacking. It doesn’t matter that they have resigned, come to the end of their contract or not had their contract renewed. The source of this error is mostly the reporting of the employment status of footballers, TV presenters and other entertainers. In all of these instances the employees are not working on the same PAYE rolling employment basis as most people. Their contracts are negotiated, agreed and renewed (or otherwise) on a project or fixed term basis.

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